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Floor Classes
Floor classes...the more you buy, the less they are!
$95/10 ($9.50ea), $170/20 ($8.50/ea) or $225/30 ($7.50ea)
All with extended 12 month expiration dates!

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL:  Register with 5 friends and get the 6th FREE*! Package of equal or lesser value.

Registration is recommended.  Walk-ins are allowed based on space availability.  Please reserve your space in class. Please check the online system for class changes and updates

Pilates/Yoga Fusion

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Pilates/Yoga Fusion
Yin Yoga
Pilates/Yoga Fusion

Pilates/Yoga Fusion

Tai Chi
(SilverSneakers approved)

Barre Fusion
Pilates Matwork

Pole Fitness
Check online for weekly sch

  • Pole Fusion is being offered with Nicole by donation.  Most classes cost $7-$15.
  • Check the Pilates Equipment & Aerial Yoga/Pilates classes for more classes.
  • FREE classes are offered periodically.  Check the FREE page for details.
  • Please be on time.  Warmup, centering and connecting mind/body are important to getting deeper connections in your classes.
  • Please turn off cell phones as courtesy to others and to avoid disruptions.
  • Please spit out gum before coming to class.  It is a choking hazard, especially when laying down & affects breathing and body mechanics.
  • We limit our floor classes between 12 to 20 people depending on the class. Reservations are recommended.
  • Refer your friends and get a one-time credit up to $20 for EACH person who registers for our programs (examples if both people are registered for: 1x/week floor=$10; 2x/week floor=$20).  Refer as many people as you want and earn mega money back towards your programs.

Floor Class Prices
Workshops & aerial are not included in the floor class packages. 
Per Week
Single Class
8 Weeks
16 Weeks*
New Client Special
$100 Unlimited

One Class
$50 off
Two Classes

$50 off
Unlimited Floor

$50 off*
Unlimited 48 Weeks
$990 (48 weeks)
* See studio for rules on unlimited packages & other discounts

Private Sessions/Parties
We offer private sessions tailored to your needs to help balance the body. These sessions offer great results since the instructor is working with you on your technique the whole session. Participate by yourself, with someone else or in a private group of friends!  $150 (1.5 hours up to 15 students; other options may be available).
New Client Intake Forms
Please complete and bring the following TWO forms to your first floor class (parents sign/complete for kids under 18). We look forward to having you in class!

For your safety, if any of the ParQ answers are YES (or if you are pregnant), we require you see your physician before attending class and have her sign the waiver form below. Thank you for your assistance.
Floor Class Descriptions:
Most of the classes are open to all levels of experience. Instructors will help you with the exercises to find the appropriate level of work and stretch for you. See the online registration system for current offerings.
This class will incorporate exercises from personal training, group fitness, dance, pilates, yoga, tai chi and other disciplines to fuse into a powerful class. Tone, shape, strengthen and lengthen the whole body!
Hatha Yoga
Hatha means sun and moon and this traditional yoga is designed to integrate all aspects of oneself to enhance mind, body and spirit. Deeper personal understanding and awareness will arise with great feelings of balance, internal bliss and peace which will strengthen the immune system, decrease stress, create fluidity and core strength and so much more.
Joseph Pilates studied many body strengthening programs that include moving the spine in all aspects of its capabilities. This balanced workout creates a beautiful, lean, efficient body; a clear, focused mind; and a lively spirit. Our class sizes are small so we can give you more individual instruction to help you reach your goals!
Pilates/Yoga Fusion 
Combining the best of both worlds in pilates and yoga to blend these traditional programs into a complementing movements to balance the body and mind.
Pole Fusion
This class will incorporate exercises from pole dancing, fitness, dance, pilates and other disciplines to fuse into a fun-packed, energizing workout!  Heels not allowed on the studio floor. Offered periodically.
Tai Chi
This ancient discipline is said to be "swimming on land".  Graceful, flowing motion along with fluid breathing creates a relaxing environment.  Benefits of Tai Chi include improved cirluation, increased energy, better balance, decreased stress and so much more.
Yin Yoga
This style of yoga holds the poses longer to increase the flexibility of the connective tissues.  The focus is on releasing tension in the mind and body to allow deeper opening and lasting changes.
Other Programs
Seminars, workshops and other programs are offered throughout the year. We can start a new class with 4 people or more just for your group (up to 15). We can also provide our services for corporate health and wellness programs at your location. Class suggestions are always encouraged and we will do our best to offer programs you would like to attend. We are here to serve you and help you in your journey to great health!
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