Legacy Pilates, Yoga & More - Find your Core at our Center
FREE Classes
Free classes are offered periodically for you to try before you buy and to introduce you to the world of mind-body programs.

FREE Intro to Pilates Equipment
See what the hype is about the Pilates Equipment program! The Pilates Equipment combines the feel of weight training and yoga to create a well-balanced core workout while lengthening the body.

FREE Introduction to Reiki, Healing & Energy Work
Sunday, June 24 4:00
Reiki is an ancient form of healing with great testimonials and research to support its power.  Learn about the history of Reiki, how it works and get to experience it if you would like to try it (or just sit back and watch/listen). 

FREE Intro to Mind body Programs
Experience the difference and similarities of yoga, pilates matwork and tai chi.  Enhance the mind-body connection and feel why they are so powerful. Practice some basic exercises that will help you find your CORE.

FREE Intro to Aerial Yoga
Get airborne and use the swing to enhance flexibility and core strength.

Go deeper into your practice
See the workshops page for more great classes on getting deeper into the mind-body disciplines and a better understanding of yourself.
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