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Buy a package and get the same package FREE for a new client!
Many people follow through with their exercise program when working out with a buddy.  So, why not get someone you know to come to class with you?!


* 10 free classes maximum for you per new client.  Packages all have expiration dates noted online.
  • Buy one floor or aerial package of one, five or 10 classes and get the same package FREE!  That is OVER HALF PRICE for our studio classes! 
  • One package has to be for a new client.  You can purchase AS MANY BOGO sets as you would like for any number of family/friends who are new to the studio as well.  Only one package per person.  For example:  Buy one for your husband, mom, daughter, co-worker and sister who have not been to our studio?  You pay for 3 packages and get 3 FREE!  That is ridiculous! 
  • We want you to enjoy our classes with people you love and want to exercise with.  So, it's a win-win.  You save money and the studio gets some new awesome clients.
Here's the steps:
  • You purchase the number of packages you want.  Select the option of 1, 5 or 10 pack classes for floor or aerial classes.  Remember you will get one package for each one you purchase.  Just pay for 1 if you want one free, pay for two if you want 2 free, etc.  They must be new clients.
  • Have them create an account on our registration system. 
  • Contact Cindy through our email when they have created an account. 
  • 1) Email me a copy of the receipt that you have paid for your package/s. 
  • 2) Give me their name/s as created in our system and I will put the FREE classes in their account/s.
  • It's as simple as that! It may take up to 3 days to get the credits in the appropriate accounts.
Get going on your new year's resolutions to better health and fitness and save TONS of moola at the same time!
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