Legacy Pilates, Yoga & More - Find your Core at our Center
We are eager to have you join our programs and know you will love participating in mind-body disciplines!  Please read the information below and the first few website pages to help you discover things about yourself and how we operate our studio.  We have some great specials just for you.  Thank you for choosing our studio! 
  • You can start anytime, any day for the floor classes.  Just check the online registration system for openings, pay, register and come on in.  You can also jump into any workshops and special events without having to have an intro class.  Bigger packages produce bigger discounts for you and may be available at the studio if they are not listed online. 
  • Reservations are highly recommended since we limit our class sizes.  Walk-ins are welcome if space is available.  We use MindBodyOnline for our payments and schedules.  See the Register, Pay, Reserve page for details and instructions or here's the link to get started: Click here to register
  • The Core Foundations Workshop is required before taking equipment classes (a private session may suffice for those with pilates equipment experience).  This class is awesome for everyone, novice to experienced, to learn about posture, how you carry yourself, habits and how to get the most from your workouts regardless if you are playing with your kids, working out at the gym, walking or at our studio.
  • Pilates Equipment classes are harder to get into due to the limited number of students and our 8-week scheduling system.  Please check with us before registering online for the equipment classes.  We will prorate your first package to get on the same payment cycle as other students.  The online registration system can’t prorate the sessions at this point. 
  • Waiver forms must be completed prior to your first class. They are found at the bottom of the floor or equipment class pages. Print, complete and bring them with you to your first class. If “yes” is answered on the ParQ form, a Physician’s Approval for Exercise is needed. We also have forms at the studio if you can't get them downloaded.

Cancellation Policy
  • We offer some of the best prices in Omaha!  To help keep those prices intact, expiration dates apply to certain packages. Packages are offered with a discount to be used within a certain time frame.  No exceptions. Single class rates are available if the packages don't work.
  • An 8-hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid being charged for classes and appointments.  If preferred, you may wait to register at least 2 hours before class if space is available.  This is not recommended since most classes do fill up.  Classes may be cancelled if no one is registered online.  Check the registration program for class updates.
  • Class Makeups are not guaranteed and classes do not carry over from one cycle to another.  Makeups can be difficult to schedule so we ask you try to maintain your class schedule as much as possible. Please be considerate and take yourself off the schedule as soon as you know you need to change. Of course, most people want prime time classes and when they sit open it's frustrating, especially to those trying to get in for makeups. We reserve the right to take someone off the regular schedule (especially if it is a prime time slot) if more than 2 classes are missed without notice in an 8-week cycle.  Another class time will be allotted or drop-ins can be done to finish out the cycle paid for. 
  • All-inclusive members still need to follow the cancellation rules.  If after 2 no shows within any one month, the regularly scheduled classes will be cancelled so others may use the spot/s and only drop-ins will be allowed to finish out the cycle paid for.  If late notices become a habit, a $10 fee may be incurred for no shows under the unlimited packages to avoid leaving empty class spots.
  • No refunds, transfers or extensions on any purchases.

Inclement Weather Policy
  • We do not always close along with the local schools due to inclement weather.  We will hold classes if it is safe to do so.
  • Check our online registration program for class cancellations. The calendar will state class cancellations or business closing.  If you are registered in one of our classes, you should get a notification if class is cancelled. 
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