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What's the scoop about Mind-Body Programs?
All mind body programs are designed to balance the human mind, body, emotions and spirit.  They are all wonderful practices. There is not one format better than another. This is a personal preference as to what you click and stick with. Follow your intuition, feel what each program does for you and YOU determine what is the best program for you. Years ago, research would point to a type of cardio piece of equipment (let’s say a ski machine) as the “best calorie burning exercise”.  If one is not an avid skier, then this is actually not the case as the body is inefficient in doing the work.  One may fall off the wagon (if not off the machine) after a short period of time because it’s boring, cumbersome or doesn’t bring results.  Then 2 years later, something else hits the market and it’s the “best”.  Mind-body disciplines have been around for thousands of years so they have the history, experience and trial-error factors to back them up. They are not foo-foo, woo-woo programs. They are sciences in their own rite as they have been practiced, perfected and passed on from master teacher to student. They have worked out the kinks and found things that work! Mind body programs are not just a bandaids, but something that can bring lasting results if practiced as taught traditionally and not just as “exercise”.  Modern exercise is typically thoughtless.  Watch TV, listen to music or talk to someone during the workout just to get through it with less pain or to pass the time more quickly.  What fun is that?  Choose to do something that is exhilarating, brings huge amounts of joy and peace and gives more energy (versus pain, aches and misery)!  

Typically in the west we have been taught in many aspects of our lives to push and drive ourselves to reach goals. In mind body disciplines, one just “notices what you notice” and are in the present moment, working the body and mind in a gentle manner. The “no pain, no gain” philosophy absolutely does not apply here. In the ancient texts, yoga asana (physical exercises) are to be easy and comfortable. Nothing is said about eye balls popping out and being sore the next day. That doesn’t mean one can’t get stronger, leaner and more flexible with a mind body practice. Progression and overload in exercise science do apply since the body and mind DO gain benefits from repetition, practice, persistence and perseverance. In these practices though, we do so with a gentle, completely aware, perspective. We do not beat the body up, push the body into positions, work to the point of the “burn” nor get out of breath. After a class you will feel so good you won’t want to go home (we do have blankets and pillows if you would like to stay). There are many different mind body programs. Various styles of yoga, tai chi, pilates & others are suitable for different personalities, injuries, goals and fitness experience. Therapeutic and gentle yoga for the beginners, people with physical limitations or just want to relax and stretch. Power, hot, Bikram, Ashtanga and other vinyasa or flow style yoga classes can be more powerful for those with experience and can move with more vigor. Based on your mind-body type (workshops at our studio can teach you more about that) what you are attracted to may not be what you need for BALANCE. For example, if you are hyper, have ADHD/ADD, anxiety and other neurological types of issues, fast-paced, power types of classes may not be the best to bring balance to the nervous system. Someone who is very lethargic, obese and/or depressed may need a little more stimulation with a more fluid, flowing type workout. So….learn more about yourself so you can help yourself! Our studio is a great place to learn, grow and change your mind and body!

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