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Workshops and Special Events
These classes are offered periodically and we can schedule a private event just for your group.

Core Foundations: Get More from your Core
This workshop is required to participate in the Pilates Equipment classes (or a one hour private for those with equipment experience). Cues, basics, alignment and posture are covered so you get more out of your sessions while in class. Check the online registration program under workshops for current sessions. Monthly.  Now only $20!

Intro to Reiki & Reiki Training
The FREE Intro to Reiki class will discuss how this ancient Japanese form of healing can help with your well-being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Training course will teach you how to do Reiki on yourself and others. Cindy Cook, Master/Level III Reiki Teacher, covers the history, principles, techniques and practice to get you started on your way to helping yourself and others balance mind, body and spirit.  See the FREE class & Reiki pages for more info.

Restorative Yoga
Would you like an opportunity to de-stress and release tension in your life? This class could be exactly what you need. During this 90-minute class, students will use props and tools to release tension, stress and unwind muscles then relax in a variety of restorative poses.  Leave feeling taller, longer, leaner and well-rested. 

Pilates & Yoga For GOLF
Improve your game by increasing rotation, flexibility and core strength! This class will tailor the exercises and focus on those areas to give you one up on your partners. Workshops offered periodically. Pilates classes in general help with all of these functions in the body. So, even if we don't have a workshop going on, join us for our regular programming! 

Healing Meditations with Guided Imagery
Learn simple, effective meditation techniques to calm the mind and enhance the spirit. Many concentration techniques can assist in the meditative experience.  This particular class will consist of guided imagery to assist in balancing different areas of the mind and body.  Groupon not available for use for this class.

Health Wealth
Learn simple, yet powerful, tips to help reduce aches, pains and improve life on many levels.  Nutrition, holistic health, energy and other worldly traditions & information will be included in this eye-opening discussion.  

Yoga for Back Pain
Most of us suffer from back pain some or other time in our life. There is no one cause for back pain. The easiest option to relieve pain is to take pain medications, which is not foolproof  The best way to manage and eventually get rid of the back pain is by avoiding situations that can create pain, which is probably not feasible. We will use several facets of yoga for healing and managing back pain and asanas (postures) that are specifically beneficial to alleviate the pain and strengthen the back muscles. The secret to stay pain free is daily practice.

Prenatal Pilates and Prenatal Yoga
Pilates and yoga can be done during pregnancy to maintain muscle strength and tone. The breathing can really help during delivery and teach one how to stay relaxed while in a challenging situation. Classes offered throughout the year. We only need 4 people to start a class just for you so, if you have a group interested in starting, let us know. We would be happy to assist you during your pregnancy!

Pilates For Men
Joseph H. Pilates was The Man! He was an athlete, police trainer and boxer. He was not some weak, just-talk person. He knew his stuff and changed many people's lives with his work. More men are joining our programs and feeling the difference in their training and other activities! Use all 600 muscles in the body (not just the big guns) to get more definition, endurance and flexibility. Balance the body so it functions better, is stronger and healthier than ever before! It's not about pushing more and more. It's about using more and more. Group classes, duets and privates are available. We offer Pilates For Men workshops throughout the year as well. Check our calendar and class schedules for more info.

Intro to Ayurveda
Ayurveda means "the Science of Life". Learn the basics of this powerful, ancient system of self-care. Nutrition (food/spices), exercise (yogic poses), meditation, breathing techniques and other practices help balance mind, body and spirit depending on one's dosha (mind-body type or constitution).
The 8 Limbs of Yoga
Learn about the simple, yet powerful, details of the ancient teachings of yoga to help reduce suffering and  improve life on many levels.  The teachings do not have to conflict with one's religious beliefs and many ideas are actually taught through most major world traditions.

How to Increase YOUR Intuition & Psychic Abilities
This interactive class will introduce the power of intuition in a fun, down-to-earth way.  Learn how to increase your own ability to sense, see, hear and/or know stuff about yourself and others to help guide you on your life path.
Self Defense
This Class will cover Self Defense Techniques and Strategies, critical thinking and life saving tips that can help you protect yourself from physical attacks. If we have enough interest, we will conduct regular classes!

New Client Intake Forms

Please complete and bring the following TWO forms to your first class.  Note the contraindications on the form.  If you have any of the specific issues noted on the form, you cannot take aerial classes at this time. Form 1:  Intake and Waiver    and     Form 2: PARQ

For your safety, if any of the ParQ answers are YES, we require you see your physician before attending class and have her sign the waiver form below. Thank you for your assistance.PDF Physician Approval For Exercise Form         OR
Word Physician Approval for Exercise Form

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