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Contact Nicole Niu to schedule an appointment or for more information at or call/text 402-625-0313

Nicole is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the owner of Pelvic Wellness Physical Therapy. She has advanced training in pelvic health and is a board-certified women’s health specialist (WCS). Nicole specializes in the treatment of pelvic floor conditions in men and women, including pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, urinary and bowel dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy related pain and postpartum recovery. She has extensive clinical experience in pelvic floor physical therapy and has specialized training in visceral mobilization and dry needling.

Nicole is a practicing clinician and has also worked as adjunct faculty in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. She is a mentor and clinical instructor to physical therapy students in their education to becoming pelvic floor physical therapists. Nicole also educates fellow physical therapists, healthcare providers and those in the community regarding the impact of pelvic health conditions and the depth of treatment a pelvic floor physical therapist can provide.

In 2022, Nicole opened Pelvic Wellness Physical Therapy. This concierge physical therapy practice allows her to serve men and women in the community in the way they deserve – a whole person, individualized approach, tailored to each patient. She prides herself in providing quality treatment for those suffering with pelvic floor conditions.

Nicole finds the relationship between Pilates and the pelvic floor to be a beautiful marriage. The pelvic floor is part of the deep core system which is of utmost importance in the practice of Pilates. Once we ensure the pelvic floor is functioning optimally and establish a solid foundation for safe movement, Pilates can be a great option for long-term management of pelvic floor conditions.

Nicole is also a wife, mother, and athlete. While she no longer competes in marathons like the Boston Marathon, she continues to enjoy being active and working with patients striving to reach their fitness related goals. Nicole also enjoys traveling and being in nature with her husband, daughter, and Golden Retriever.

Certifications, qualifications & training:

• Bachelors of Science, Kinesiology - Kansas State University

• Doctorate of Physical Therapy - Rockhurst University

• License of Physical Therapy - Nebraska

• Board certified women’s health physical therapy specialist (WCS)

• Extensive pelvic floor physical therapy training through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute

• Dry needling - Myopain Seminars

• Visceral mobilization

• Member of the American Physical Therapy Association

• Member of the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS)

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