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January 15 through March 10

* Behaviors can take a while to break, typically 30-90 days. Substitute with something better/healthier. Change your thoughts about it. Don’t feel deprived. Know you are doing it for YOU!!


POINTS:  As noted per day. Be honest, if you did it half way, no point.

BONUS: Get 10 extra points for the week if you have done 7 days consecutively. If you miss a day, no bonus for that week.

            Complete 4 weeks. Get another 50 point bonus.

            Complete 8 weeks get another extra 100 point bonus.

  • Circle which week you are on (1-8).

  • Each day is noted as 1-7.

  • You can start any day of the week but, suggested to start on Monday.

  • Print off each weekly sheet and turn into your instructor for verification (email Cindy at if you need one).

  • Mind-Body Dosha Questionnaire is a ONE TIME BONUS. Turn in to your teacher.

    • In Ayurvedic Medicine (eastern Indian), each person is born with a certain makeup. Here's a fun quiz to get started on learning more about yourself and how to create balance in your mind, body, emotions and life. 


  • You choose what is appropriate for your lifestyle and get points accordingly.

  • LPYM is any program at Legacy Pilates, Yoga & More

  • Walk – 20 minutes consecutively. Joseph Pilates suggested doing “Contrology” 4 days a week and walking (fresh air, cardiorespiratory benefits, posture, core work etc.)

  • Close your eyes and see yourself in a healthier lifestyle.

  • Different styles of breath work can be done. Research options or just breath in your nose for 3-5 count, exhale for 3-5 count. The breath can be help for the same count at the inhale and exhale to formulate a box type pattern (in 4, hold 4, out 4, hold 4).

  • Check your thoughts, emotions and reactions. Why do you think and do what you do? Be the observer. Step outside yourself and observe yourself on a deeper level.

  • Choose healthier options for your own benefit/health. Most products are on the market because they are addictive. Humans love habit. Good or bad. Choose better. Feel better.

  • Some items may not apply to you (ex., smoking). Good for you. You get daily points.

  • Sugar, alcohol, iodized salt, fluoride, chlorine, parabens, sulfates, high fructose corn syrup, soybean/oil, energy drinks, Perfumes/Scents, Cleaning products, Dryer sheets, etc. affect YOUR IMMUNE, CARDIOVASCULAR, KIDNEY, COLON, RESPIRATORY, NERVE… FUNCTION. Look at products you use in your household, on your body as well as what you put in your mouth. I know. I know. Trust me. I know. Somethings you would die for. LITERALLY!! You will die for it and it will kill you. Just focus.

  • JUST. STOP. THE. ELECTRONICS. We are electrical, magnetic animals/beings. It affects your brain and well as the rest of the body!! Your brain and heart can be monitored by EEG/EKG. Think about it. Really think about it. Yep, me too.

  • Mainstream media is just that. You are not mainstream. Go upstream. Challenge what you’ve been taught. Challenge your behaviors. Challenge your beliefs. Be not afraid. Grow. Be better than you thought. Most of us have been put down in our lives at some point and perhaps it stuck. Well. Unstuck yourself. J

  • Other items can just plain old be good for your soul. Do it.

  • The items with 0’s on the chart get . Do them daily or more frequently just because.

  • Option to weigh yourself weekly and/or measurements for your own motivation/information.

** Well, this conflicts with the media item but, you are doing it to learn more about good health J

**  What are you thinking? What is your gut reaction? What are your emotions? What triggers you? Catch yourself in the moment and change something about it. Breathe. Let Go. Smile. Send positive thoughts to yourself, the situation, the experience, the other person/people/animal. Be the Love.

** Get an old fashioned clock if you need an alarm. Get the radiation out of your energy field.

**We probably forgot a ton of things. We reserve the right to change this contest as needed.



Prizes to be given out after March 11 (8 week cycle) but, you can continue to monitor yourself throughout the year!


Points can carry forward from one week to another to win the following:

500 – FREE FLOOR CLASS (max 3 total)

700 – FREE PILATES CLASS (max 3 total)


Everyone participating will go into a drawing for:

1 – Semi-Private with Cindy (2 people)

1 – Private with Cindy

1 – Floor class package of 4

1 – Pilates equipment package of 4


We all have the following aspects within (+ additional archetypes depending on your destiny, life challenges; Dr. Carolyn Myss):

Prostitute (not just sexual, but willing to sell your soul for whatever….food, shelter, money, toilet paper in a crisis J)

Child (protect and take care of me)

Victim (whoa is me)

Saboteur (pull someone else down)


So, what are you waiting for? 2024 is going to be a game changes on the planet. So let’s do it! Support each other. No jealousy. No hatred. No competition. Win-win for all!!


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