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Studio Policies/Information:

Walk-ins are allowed for most classes based on space availability. Pilates equipment walk-ins must have experience or schedule a private before attending group classes.

It is recommended to reserve your space in class whenever possible.

Schedule is subject to change. Confirm classes the day of arrival.


•Check the online system for changes and updates.

•Don't eat too close to class time (preferably at least 2 hours).

•Be on time. Warmup, centering and connecting mind/body are important to getting deeper connections in your classes.

•Let the instructor know if you need to leave early so they can plan relaxation part/s of the class accordingly.

Turn off cell phones as courtesy to others and to avoid disruptions.

Spit out gum before coming to class. It is a choking hazard & affects breathing and body mechanics.

•Please remove all jewelry before participating in class.

What to wear: Modest attire is appreciated. Whatever you are comfortable wearing but, not too baggy if you would like suggestions on technique and form so we can see your alignment.

• No zippers as they ruin the equipment and alter your positioning/connections.

•Avoid lotions or oils at least 12 hours before coming to class. The apparatus can become unsafe and/or stained.

•Wash your hands before and after class.

•Under NO circumstances are drugs or alcohol permitted in the studio. Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed to participate.

•Please be aware of our studio cancellation, makeup and expiration policies.

•Pull long hair back. Preferable on top of the head so it's out of the way and doesn't affect positioning.

• We recommend short fingernails (it's harder to grab the swing with long nails and it changes the biomechanics of the fingers, wrists and shoulders; they can puncture the swings).

* 48-week package options may be an option. Check with the studio for rules and options.

Referral Bonus:

Refer your friends and get a one-time credit up to $50 for EACH person who registers for our programs (examples if both people are registered for: 1x/week eqpt=$25; 2x/week eqpt=$50). Refer as many people as you want and earn mega money back towards your programs. Ask your instructor for more info.


Please do not schedule makeups until after the first day of the new 8-week cycle. Online, some of the classes might look open but, current students may not have reserved their spaces for the upcoming cycles. Class spaces may be opened up for anyone after the early bird deadline. An 8-hour cancellation notice is required to get an automated credit to be used for another class/time. See the "Policies and Considerations" tab for more info.

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