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Pilates Equipment Classes

The Core-Pilates Foundations workshop is required before attending our Pilates Equipment classes.

For those with Pilates Equipment experience, a one-hour private may suffice. We love to teach the details as Joseph Pilates originally designed and this workshop helps one understand the details vs just fitness.


By appointment or call for group class schedule (usually once a month).

Pilates Equipment Class Prices

Regular Price/Early Bird*

One Class: $30

8 Classes: $230/210*

16 Classes: $400/375*

24 Classes: $500/475*

Unlimited classes: $600/575  (8 weeks; see studio for details)

48-week options may be available for even more savings

Privates, Duets, Trio and Small Group lessons available by appointment

*Early Bird is 10 days before the new 8-week cycle starts

*Discount packages are for a consecutive 8-weeks expiration dates

Who was Joseph Pilates?

Joseph Pilates designed his equipment to help enhance certain body connections, reduce imbalances and improve strength and flexibility. His health recommendations were to do his advanced protocol 4 days a week, walk and use a good, stiff brush to get rid of dead cells and stimulate the skin. There are many websites out there that you can search the history of the man and his program. Originally called Contrology (controlling the body with the mind), Joseph created an awesome protocol for balancing the body. We have all of the major pilates’ equipment made (Full Trapeze, Chair, Spine Corrector, Reformer/Tower and more) which offers variety and cross-training to catch on to the essence of the work better than just using one piece of equipment. This class is like yoga on a weight machine. The pilates equipment is fun, challenging, new and exciting! Classes are offered based on skill, physical limitations and experience level including beginner to advanced programs. We use and recommend Pilates equipment by Balanced Body which is one of the longest- standing manufacturers of pilates equipment available! Check them out at .

We use Balanced Body Pilates Equipment!

Check out their website here.

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